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You're the First Politician I Have Seen at My Door

October 12, 2012


We are hearing this a lot as we go out door to door.  One voter said I was the first person running for office he had seen at his door in twenty years.  Another said it had been twenty-six years since he moved in and no one had been by.  It is amazing to me that we elect a Senator who doesn't meet voters, look them in the eye, and ask for their support.  When I apply for a job, I always have to meet the boss.  Here is a picture as I meet some of my new bosses in District 7.

We are coming to a neighborhood near you soon!  Say hello when you see us!


LIFEPAC Endorses Jane Kizer

October 10, 2012

LIFEPAC, the state political action committee of South Carolina Citizens for Life, is pleased to endorse Jane Kizer for election to the office of South Carolina State Senate District 7.  We appreciate her commitment to protecting innocent human life and her 100 percent candidate survey on file with our office.


Republican Liberty Caucus of SC Endorses Jane Kizer for Senate

October 1, 2012

SC RLCCHARLESTON, SC – The Republican Liberty Caucus of South Carolina voted to endorse Jane Kizer for State Senate District 7.

A firm supporter of reforming our tax code, putting in place structural reforms to reduce spending, expanding economic growth through free markets, and reforming state government to make it more accountable to the people, Jane Kizer represents the kind of common-sense values that are desperately needed in Columbia.

Kizer is a supporter of school choice and charter schools and is critical of so many legislators who claim to support both but vote against it in Columbia. She also decries the out of control spending and burdensome regulation put on businesses that hurt job growth.

“The people cry for better schools and the schools are sent more money. But education levels do not improve,” Kizer points out. “Our businesses cry for less regulation so they can have opportunity for hiring more workers, but our government further limits these businesses with unnecessary burdens. When will it stop?”

Kizer has lived in Greenville most of her life and graduated from Furman University. She is active in her local church and works with a local cable company.


Are you in Senate District 7?

September 24, 2012

Senate District 7 MapA lot of people are not sure if they live in the district.  Here is a link to a map that shows the new Senate lines for district 7.  If you still can't tell and you live in Mauldin, near White Horse Rd, or downtown Greenville, let me know and I will find out for you.

Also, look for your friends on this map.  If they are in district 7, call them or Facebook them and tell them to VOTE November 6th for JANE KIZER!

Senate District 7 Map


Supreme Court Decision

July 2, 2012

Today was a milestone in the history of our nation. Our founding fathers were willing to sacrifice their fortunes, their lives and their sacred honor to establish a land where we were free to make our own choices. We had rights, given by God, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People came from all over, immigrating here, suffering hardship, just to have a taste of this precious freedom.

And now, hundreds of years later, have we given up so easily on that same America that our founders sacrificed for? That our veterans and active duty men and women of our military fight for? That some gave all for?

I've seen various reactions throughout the day and they are all warranted. But just imagine in those days when Britain was winning the war, our soldiers were outnumbered, supplies were low, and the future seemed hopeless. But they looked at what they were fighting for. This was AMERICA! The land of the free and the home of the brave. If they lost this battle, then freedom would die with it.

And today, when the Supreme Court issued their verdict on ObamaCare, the rally cry was sounded. This is our battle, and on our watch. Freedom is at stake again. We MUST rally behind true patriots, those in our House and Senate who care about country more than themselves; those who will fight for freedom at all cost; those who will stand up in the face of opposition and defend the Constitution of these United States!!

November is our battleground. If the current President remains in office in January, this nation will never be the same....ever. This is our chance to defend freedom and show the people of the world that the United States is STILL the best nation in the world. It is a land of freedom and opportunity. And it is still worth the sacrifice. Join me in the fight for FREEDOM and let's take our country back in November!!!


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